WMAlbum is a dock applet that displays album covers for songs being played by XMMS. You must already have images of the album covers stored near the file being played. WMAlbum provides a handy circular menu for play/skip/etc, and can replace wmxmms. Although dock applets are designed for the WindowMaker window manager, they also work in other window managers including openbox and blackbox.
screenshot Screenshot while listening to New Order, which I do a lot.
screenshot-menu Nifty circular menu.
screenshot-menu2 Nifty circular menu with pause selected.

Download wmalbum from sourceforge.

WMAlbum is underdocumented but very simple. Place .jpg images of your album covers next to the mp3 files, and wmalbum will take care of displaying them whenever xmms switches songs. You can control xmms using the circular menu or use your mouse-wheel to control volume. Double-click to see the album cover image full-size. Linger, and a tooltip will appear with the artist and song title.

WMAlbum does not include any album cover images. It does not include any scripts for automatically fetching them. It does not use id3 tags, so it does not bloat your mp3's.

WMAlbum requires gdk-pixbuf and xmms to build. gimp-perl is necessary to rebuild the graphic circular menu, but not necessary for an ordinary build. Instructions for debian users are in the readme.

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